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Subsidy Purchase cards system is widely distributed along Latin America, as well as a great number of emerging countries in the rest of the world. In Argentina only, the system movilised in 2012 more than 5 millon cards enabled for


The system consists of two central elements: A web-based platform including bank grade security, and a mobile application that integrates the traditional features of a Point of Sale: Trading log Barcode and QR identification Magnetic band cards reader And the


Free Software The software components of SocialPOS have a free AGPL license and will be soon available for download right from this website. Just like every project based on free technologies, there is a community that supports its development and

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These ideas are proof of the incredible talent we have in our nation; we possess an impressive amount of catalysts for change.

Enrique Avogadro Subsecretary of Creative Economy of Buenos Aires
ImpacTEC Argentina - First Place