Subsidy Purchase cards system is widely distributed along Latin America, as well as a great number of emerging countries in the rest of the world.

In Argentina only, the system movilised in 2012 more than 5 millon cards enabled for purchasing essential goods, for a total of more than 3700 millons of dolars. This money, nevertheless, many times has a limited effect on the communities who receive it as the need of using banking system elements reduce its impact over the local business, achieving a swift impact in the neighbors and hidden costs linked to the purchase in big commercial or multinational surfaces.

SocialPos is an open platform for the implementation of a mobile Points of Sale network based on low-cost smarphones, suitable for use in neighborhood businesses and the interaction with non-banking cards.

This platform aims to offer tools to hold transactions from the government and other organizations within the neighborhood environment, to improve business practices in its local shops and include them within the resources of formal economy.


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