The system consists of two central elements: A web-based platform including bank grade security, and a mobile application that integrates the traditional features of a Point of Sale:

  • Trading log
  • Barcode and QR identification
  • Magnetic band cards reader
  • And the addition of new features like the possibility of payments between cardholder’s businesses, and the ability to bring good management practices closer to end users.

Any government or institution willing to use it, will have the liberty of making its own implementation, introducing any modification it considers necessary and adapting the system to its operational flow of social plans, subsidies and transactions in general.

Our organization provides essential services to accomplish a successful implementation, among these we find:

  • Pre-Implementation Consulting
  • Management of Businesses Accessions. Loyalty System
  • System maintenance and interconnection
  • Linkages with suppliers about Advance Payment balance
  • Development of new features
  • Performance Anaysis. Reports.

Implementation Diagram

SocialPOS Implementation Diagram

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